South East Region
England Fencing

Committee, as elected at AGM:

Chair -  Brian Causton

Secretary - Jim Whelan

Treasurer - Tim Schofield

Captain (Winton Cadets) - Meg Shepherd-Foster

Captain (Winton Seniors) - Philip Shepherd-Foster

Development Hub website - Meg Shepherd-Foster

Welfare Officer - Dom Pitman

Website - TBC (history: Lionel/Alan -> Ian -> Meg -> TBC)

Contacts: For email addresses click here.

This committee includes representation of Surrey, Sussex and Kent county fencing unions.
If you wish to see copies of minutes then please contact the secretary (or webmaster).
For other contact details see county websites.

Constitutionas adopted at AGM 18th Nov 2012:
File Linked here.
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2013-05-03 Confirmed RDO
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