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Eligibility for British Youth Championships via South East Region qualifiers = your selection of South East as your affiliated region when you renew your BFA membership (if in doubt contact organiser).
For open competitions see BFA website  (ref "Links" page of this site).
For county competitions see county websites (ref "Links" page of this site).
For all competitions observe the BFA safety guidelines

Please follow the links to find event and entry details.
Entry = fee received by organiser, with your details.
Events not bold = not organised by SE Region committee - see organisers website.
Historic past events darker background
Dates of future events are subject to change - it is intended that this website will link to the master info for events organised by SE Region (but not other events).  Please be careful not to mistakenly rely on info from the wrong source (which may be incorrect).

2016-07-30        Dream International Epee
2016-07-25~29  Dream International Summer Camp
Chichester Open (see organisers website for date & details)

2016-05-15 South East Region Senior & Intermediate Indiv. Sabre & Team + AGM (Results here)
Epsom College.  

Hampshire Open (see organisers website for date & details)

2016-04-30 & 2016-05-01 Brighton Open (see organisers website for date & details)

Elite Epee Mens (see organisers website here for date & details)

Elite Epee Junior (see organisers website here for date & details)

2016-03-12  South East Region BYC U12/14/16/18 Boys/Girls Foil   
Provisional Foil Results here (subject to ratification).
Qualifiers / Bye holders to pay Tom Rusbridge.
Finals entries will be completed by the organisers.

2016-03-06  South East Region BYC U12/14/16/18 Boys/Girls Epee & Sabre
Results:  G Epee,     G Sabre,     B Epee,     B Sabre.        Engarde Files

Qualifiers payments for finals entries       Bye holders please liaise with Jon Milner.

Finals entries will be completed by the organisers.

Slough Open (see organisers website for date & details)

Aldershot Open (see organisers website for date & details, likely to be Feb 27/28, 2016)

2016-02-20/21  EFC U14, F/E/S, Chichester (see organisers website for date & details)
2016-02-13/14  Referee Course, Surrey
2016-01-31 LPJS Sabre (see organisers website for date & details)

24 Jan 2016 South East Region Senior & Intermediate Epee    Results  Photos:  Women    Men

09/10 Jan 2016 Referee Training (Foil, FIE qualification Level 3)  See BF website

15 Nov 2015 South East Region Senior & Intermediate Foil & Team   Results

5-6 Sep 2015 Veterans Winton (Region team by invitation)

01 Aug 2015 Dream Fencing International Epee Competition   (See organisers website here)

25-30 Jul 2015 Dream Fencing Summer Camp (See organisers website here)

               The Harveys Series Final Results

05 Jul 2015 First Aid Course (Fencing Specific)  Details

4-5 Jul 2015 Senior Winton (Region team by invitation)

Bexley Open (Bexley - Ref organisers for latest details).  Included in The Harveys Series
Chichester Open (Check organisers website for latest details).  Included in The Harveys Series

10 May 2015 SE Region Senior & Intermediate Sabre, Indiv & Team (+AGM)   Results      Photos

4-5 May BYC National Finals Results

11-12 April 2015 Brighton Open        Organisers website.     Alternate Paper Entry Form
 Included in The Harveys Series

21-22 Mar 2015 Invicta (Tenterton) - Check organisers website.   Included in The Harveys Series

08 Mar 2015 SE Region BYC (Youth) Epee   Results, Male       Results, Female

08 Mar 2015 SE Region BYC (Youth) Sabre  Results, Male       Results, Female

08 Feb 2015 SE Region BYC (Youth) Foil    Results

11 Jan 2015 SE Region Senior & Intermediate Epee     Results
Definitions of Novices & Intermediates        

16 Nov 2014 SE Region Senior & Intermediate Foil, Indiv & Team    Results
Definitions of Novices & Intermediates

05 Sep 2014 Veterans Winton Cup (region team by selection)  Result   Team Photo

04-05 Oct 2014 Sussex Open (See Sussex County Fencing Union website for details)

24 Aug 2014 SE Region Challenge / Social Fun-day (details TBC)

06 Jul 2014 KCC Epée Open, Worthing, email    details

06 Jul 2014 Senior Winton Cup    Result   Photo

29 Jun 2014  SE Region Senior & Intermediate Sabre + AGM (2pm TBC) Results

29 Jun 2014 1-hit epee (open - results here).

15 Jun 2014 London Youth Games (see notes here)

14 Jun 2014 Bexley Open (Bexley - Ref organisers for latest details)

12-13 Apr 2014 Brighton Open  

09 Mar 2014  SE Region British Youth Champs, Epee     Result

23 Feb 2014  SE Region British Youth Champs, Sabre   Result

16 Feb 2014  SE Region British Youth Champs, Foil      Result

15 Feb 2014 (+2nd day on 22nd Feb)   Coaching Course

19 Jan 2014  SE Region Senior & Intermediate, Epee  Results    Men's photo   Women's photo 
(JC, AS, NH, PK - not SS)
17 Nov 2013  SE Region Senior & Intermediate, Foil      Results

16-17 Nov      LPJS Team Epee (Youth, Wimbledon)   Organised by J Milner for LPJS

              Sevenoaks Cadet Sabre

03 Nov 2013 Sabre Refereeing Course

14/15 Dec 2013 Cadet Winton (Inter-Region teams; U17 on 1Jan2013)

26Aug - 1Sep Hub development week: Including 1st Aid, L1&2 coaching, talent dev etc.

20-21 Jul 2013 Talent Development (contact Region Development Officer)

14th July 2013 Sabre Refereeing L1 & 2 Course Malling Sch., ME19 6DH (contact Region Development Officer)

23 June 2013 Men/Women Foil Photos of Medalists: Women    Men

02 June 2013 Bromley Foil* U11, U14, U16  

19 May 2013 Refereeing and Armoury Course 

14 April 2013 Equipment Diagnosis & Repair (aka Armourers Course)

23 March 2013 Refereeing Course 

24 February 2013 Youth Sabre (BYC qualifier)     Results

23 February 2013 Youth Epee (BYC qualifier)      Qualifiers      Tableaux details

17 February 2013 Men/Women Epee/Sabre        Results  Photos WS   MS   WE   ME

6 January 2013 Youth Foil (BYC qualifier)           Results Page      Results File

18 November 2012 Men/Women Intermediate Foil      Results

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